Analyzing Nic Cage’s Face

While the hair is a very important part of what makes Nic Nic, the face is even more so.  It takes a talented man to suck all the emotion out of a face and make it as dour as possible.  A very very talented man.  So I’ll be breaking down his face into parts to understand how he does it.

The forehead

At first glance, it is not a particularly unique forehead. The saddest thing you’d notice immediately would be the receding hairline and strange shape. But look again. I’ve put the forehead through an infrared filter to bring some subdermal qualities to light.

Yes, that’s right. His forehead is unhappy.  Well, on to the eyes.

The eyes.

The Saddest Eyes In The World

The Saddest Eyes In The World

Nic’s eyes are tragic.  They look at you and you just want to run to the pet store and buy some kittens and puppies to feel better.  But how are they so sad?  For starters, they widen and tilt down at the outside edges.  They’re slightly puffy to give the impression of imminent crying, but not immediate.  And the green blue color is so pure and  heartbreaking.

The Mouth

I give up.

I’m going to go cry.


~ by Arik on September 2, 2008.

One Response to “Analyzing Nic Cage’s Face”

  1. Interesting. Would you be able to analyze his face to see how it is also so punchable?

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