What Could’ve Been

Believe it or not, Nic Cage was at one point set to play Superman.  I say this with much sadness, for that never came to pass.  Superman Lives, which would’ve been set to release in 1998 would have featured Cage as Clark Kent/Supes, an all black suit, a giant spider, and polar bears.

Why did this masterpiece never get made?

1) It became a toy show.  For the Superman suit, kids were brought in to decide which variant of a black suit they should use based on its toyability.

2) Tim Burton is kind of a douche.  He was hired to direct the script Kevin Smith (Clerks) wrote.  And so of course he had a huge rewrite done.  And was a jerk to Kevin Smith.  And almost doubled the budget from $100M to $190M, spending $30M on almost nothing, since the script never even ended up finished.

3) Nic Cage is better than Superman.


~ by Arik on September 28, 2008.

One Response to “What Could’ve Been”

  1. And from what I understand, the giant spider portion of the script ended up in the movie Wild Wild West.

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