My Name Is Joe

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With these iconic words, a new legend will be born.  Bangkok Dangerous is the story of a hitman known only as Joe.  While a coldblooded killer, he has a heart of gold, and falls in love with the culture, women, and messenger boys of Bangkok- all while being hunted for mishandling a contract.  This leads to many questions: how does his hair look so good?  Will he survive?  Will his woman (women perhaps)?  Do messenger boys use messenger bags?  Why make an adaptation of a film where nothing changes except it features Nic Cage?  Wait- I just answered my own question.  Duh.

Regardless, here’s the preview.  Enjoy!



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Everybody has a favorite swear word.  Some people like the f-bomb.  I’m partial to the classic “Damn/dammit/etc.”  I have a friend who strings together words that I won’t even refer to, so as not to offend the particularly classy Nic Cage fan.  However, Mr. Cage has possibly the greatest favorite swearword ever.  Horseshit. (As said on Inside The Actor’s Studio)

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever used that.  I’m just not man enough to.  Fuck?  Sure.  Damn?  Why not.  Even shit is okay.  But it takes a different breed of man than myself to use horseshit and not look a fool.  Picture, say, Justin Timberlake saying horseshit.  Doesn’t work does it?  Makes him sound like a boy who read a book with dirty words in it once upon a time.  Now try Humphrey Bogart.  Makes him sound like a total badass.  Same with Clark Gable, Sean Connery, and Vin Diesel.  This is the sort of man who says horseshit.  But Nic doesn’t just say it.  He likes it.  He’ll say it with conviction.   Can’t you just picture him turning to the camera in his Academy Award winning performance in the Wicker Man and saying “Horseshit” for no reason and resuming his acting?  Maybe the lack of that scene is why that movie failed to succeed at the box office.

In the flip side of the coin, his favorite non-swear word is grace.  In fact, I’m sure if he ever uttered it to you, you would be blessed for an entire day.  To be honest, I don’t know how to use grace outside of religious or philosophical talk, but Nic Cage does, that’s for sure.

Welcome to Cage Rage!

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This blog is a tribute to the greatest actor of all time, Mister Nicholas Cage. In this blog we’ve set out with the lofty goal of reviewing every Nicholas Cage performance ever committed to film, from Snake Eyes to Next, from Face/Off to 8MM.

For now, allow me to make up for our lack of content by sharing with you some of the better Cage content to hit the internet.

His deliciously insane Japanese commercials:

The immortal “Best Scenes From The Wicker Man”

The transformation from Ghost Rider